PU Library Concludes Dars-e-Quran Series on Ramadan


Punjab University (PU) Library recently marked the culmination of its ‘Dars-e-Quran’ series with a ceremony centered around the theme of ‘Ramadan and Zikr e Elahi’. The event, which aimed to foster a deeper understanding of Islamic teachings and spiritual practices, drew the participation of esteemed scholars, librarians, and students.

The concluding ceremony, held at the Punjab University Library, saw the presence of Associate Professor Dr. Mufti Hafiz Abdul Basit Khan from the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, along with Chief Librarian Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani, Deputy Chief Librarian Saif ur Rehman Attique, as well as other faculty members and students.

During his address, Prof. Dr. Mufti Abdul Basit Khan underscored the importance of engaging in remembrance of Allah and worship, particularly during the sacred month of Ramadan. He expounded upon the significance of spiritual reflection and devotion in enhancing one’s connection with the divine.

Expressing gratitude for the participation and support received, Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani and Saif ur Rehman Attique extended their thanks to Dr. Abdul Basit for his invaluable insights and contributions to the series. They also acknowledged the attendees for their active involvement, which contributed to enriching the intellectual and spiritual atmosphere of the event.

Furthermore, both Dr. Usmani and Mr. Attique reaffirmed the commitment of Punjab University Library to continue organizing similar activities in the future. They emphasized the library’s role not only as a repository of knowledge but also as a platform for fostering dialogue, understanding, and spiritual growth within the academic community.

The conclusion of the ‘Dars-e-Quran’ series at Punjab University Library reflects the institution’s ongoing dedication to promoting scholarly discourse and nurturing holistic development among its students and faculty. Through initiatives such as these, the library endeavors to serve as a beacon of enlightenment and enrichment for the university community and beyond.

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