PU Library Hosts Insightful Talks on ‘The Anarchy’ and ‘Saat Asmaan’

PU Library Hosts Insightful Talks on ‘The Anarchy’ and ‘Saat Asmaan’

PU Library Hosts Insightful Talks

The Punjab University (PU) Library Book Club recently organized a stimulating session featuring introductory talks on two significant literary works: ‘The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company’ by William Dalrymple and the Hindi novel ‘Saat Asmaan’ by Asghar Wajahat, translated by Muhammad Abbas and Syed Irfan Arfi. The event saw the presence of Chief Librarian Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani, Associate Professor from the Institute of English Studies Dr. Shahzeb Khan, along with faculty members, librarians, and students.

Dr. Haroon Usmani offered an in-depth discussion on ‘Saat Asmaan,’ highlighting the rich emotional and experiential narrative crafted by Asghar Wajahat. He emphasized that the novel intricately explores the complexities of human relationships, identity, and societal norms, creating a profound resonance with readers. The novel, set against the backdrop of Indian society 400 years ago, delves into themes of love, loss, and the pursuit of individual freedom. Dr. Usmani praised Wajahat’s ability to masterfully weave these themes into a compelling story that captures the essence of human experience.

Following this, Dr. Shahzeb Khan provided insights into ‘The Anarchy,’ which he described as a meticulously researched account of the East India Company’s rise and its significant impact on the Indian subcontinent. Dr. Khan lauded William Dalrymple’s engaging storytelling, noting that the book sheds light on a tumultuous era characterized by power struggles, intrigue, and the transformation of an entire region. He highlighted how Dalrymple’s work uncovers the complexities and consequences of the Company’s dominance, offering readers a vivid understanding of this critical period in history.

The session was well-received by attendees, who engaged in a lively discussion about the themes and historical contexts of both books. The event underscored the importance of literary exploration in understanding cultural and historical narratives, providing participants with a richer appreciation of the works discussed.

The Punjab University Library Book Club continues to be a hub for literary enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to the appreciation and discussion of diverse literary works.

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