LAHORE: Punjab University Library Book Club has conducted introductory talks on two books. The books of the month were “Allah Mian Ka Karkhana by Mohsin Khan” and “Islamic Science and the Making of European Renaissance” by George Saliba”.

Chief Librarian Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani presented the talk on the Urdu language book “Allah Main Ka Karkhana”. He beautifully narrated the story of the book and its literary notions. The introduction to the English book was presented by Punjab University Institute of Administrative Sciences Assistant Professor Dr Aamir Saeed.

He conversed about the historical role of Islamic science in the transformation of Europe and presented pieces of evidence from the book. Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani also thanked the speakers and participants for their lively contribution to the program.


Arsalan Haider is a reporter at Academia Mag and has worked with leading national dailies and news channels. He tweets @arsalanhaider14

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