PU marks Int’l Mother Languages Day
PU marks Int’l Mother Languages Day

PU marks Int’l Mother Languages Day

LAHORE: Punjab University Department of History & Pakistan Studies Ibn Khaldun Society has organized a seminar to mark the International Mother Languages Day in order to make the students aware of the importance of their mother and regional languages. Chairman Department of History & Pakistan Studies Prof Dr Mahboob Hussain, faculty members and a large number of students attended the seminar.

Mr. Asadullah, an MPhil scholar, made a speech highlighting the history and significance of Pashto language. He also read some poems of famous Pashto poets. A BS student Arslan delivered a speech regarding the importance of Punjabi language and the need to use it as medium of instruction and as a language of parlance in the Punjab. A Punjabi song was also sung by Zara Asghar. After Punjabi, some unique aspects and history of Sindhi language were discussed by Ahmed Waqar, a student belonging to Sindh province. Nirmal Munir and Inam Ullah then traced the history and salient features of Siraiki language. A documentary was also shown highlighting the importance of Siraiki language, its culture & traditions. Wahab Baloch made the audience aware of the dialogues, speech & history of Balochi language. In the end, Muhammad Yasir, the President of Ibn Khaldun Society, talked about the significance of Urdu in the life and history of the Muslims of South Asia. He also recited verses of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Prof. Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah made the students aware of the significance of mother, regional and national languages of Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Mahboob Hussain, in his presidential speech, emphasized the role of language in the cultural life of a community and appreciated the organizers and the participants for organizing the event.

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