PU pays tribute to Zaheer-ud-Din Babar on his 540th Birthday

PU pays tribute to Zaheer-ud-Din Babar on his 540th Birthday

Punjab University (PU) Department of History & Pakistan Studies Babar Legacy Center in collaboration with the Embassy of Uzbekistan organized a seminar ‘Babar: A Symbol of Shared Legacy between Pakistan & Uzbekistan’ to celebrate the 540th birthday of Zaheer-ud-Din Babar, the founder of the Mughal Empire.

Ambassador of Uzbekistan Aybek Arif Usmanov, while addressing as chief guest, said that Zaheer-ud-Din Muhammad Babar’s personality and legacy are well known all over the world and for sure deserved to be in one place and tiers with great scholars such as Abu Raihan Beruni, Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Al-Faraby, Al-Khwarazmy, Mirza Ghalib, Allama Muhammad Iqbal who are considered as a common heritage of Islamic cultural renaissance, science and knowledge.

On this occasion, the Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities Prof Dr Amra Raza, chairman Department of History Prof Dr Mehboob Hussain, Director Babar Legacy Center Prof Dr Rukhsana Iftikhar, diplomats, faculty members and a large number of students were present. In his address, Arif Usmanov said that the President and the people of Uzbekistan are grateful for honoring Babar’s legacy and enriching our political and cultural ties and enforcing our scientific and people-to-people contacts. He said that in 2021, more than 70 art pieces and paintings were displayed in the Art Exhibition and Art’s contest at PU, not just attracting the attention of the common public but strengthening our re-connectivity. He thanked the PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad Akhter, Chairman Department of History & Pakistan Studies Dr Mehboob, Dr Rukhsana Iftikhar and others who made noble efforts for conducting a successful event to pay tribute to Zaheer-ur-din Babar.

Dr Mehboob said that South Asia and Central Asia are two geographical regions that share a history of mutual relations dating back to ancient times. He said that hundreds of poets, writers, Sufis, ulama, artists and common people migrated from Central Asia to South Asia. He said that both regions have been considered the part of earliest civilizations of the World. He said that amongst all the countries of Central Asia, Uzbekistan occupies a pride of place as it is the region where most of the centers of Muslim culture and learning are located. This common cultural heritage needs to be explored and academic exchange and collaboration are the need of the hour, he added.

Dr Amra Raza said that the youth should be taught to keep history in front of them and choose the current leaders. She said that Zaheer-ud-din Babar was a soldier and poet and we get many lessons from his life. Dr Rukhsana Iftikhar said that the Punjab University Department of History & Pakistan Studies Babar Legacy Center will continue to organize events to highlight various aspects of Zaheer-ud-din Babar’s personality in the future. Lt Col (R) Khalid Taimur Akram, Prof Dr Faraz Anjum, Dr Hasan Baig from Scotland and Uzbek scholar Muhayo Abdurahman also spoke on the occasion.

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