PU SoE and RS&GISCR Lab sign MoU

PU SoE and RS&GISCR Lab sign MoU

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LAHORE: An MoU is signed between Remote Sensing, GIS and Climatic Research Lab (RSGCRL), National Center of GIS and Space Applications, University of the Punjab and School of Economics (SoE), University of the Punjab.

The focal persons of the MoU are Dr. Salman Tariq from RSGCRL and Dr. Bilal Mehmood from SoE. The two institutes will collaborate in developing joint research proposals and data sharing, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, providing mentorship and learning opportunities to the students and young professionals and their involvement through internships and research theses in the fields of Socioeconomics of Climate Change, Remote Sensing & Geospatial Applications for Economic and Sustainable Development of Pakistan, Modelling of Economic and Climate Variables, Economic Growth and Air Quality and other fields of mutual interest. The signature target of the MoU is to develop linkages that will serve as a continuous and consistent support in the execution of all other activities. Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry, Head SoE and Dr. Zia ul Haq, Director/Principal Investigator RSGCRL singed the MoU.

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