PU Students Showcase Innovative Textile Designs

PU Students Showcase Innovative Textile Designs

PU Students Showcase Innovative Textile Designs

Punjab University (PU) Lahore’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, commended the innovative ideas and impressive creative skills displayed by students in the textile sector during the vibrant thesis exhibition organized by the Department of Textile Design. The event, held at the Punjab University College of Art and Design, showcased the culminating projects of BFA students, highlighting their ability to merge artistic expression with practical applications in textile design.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr Khalid Mahmood praised the students’ use of natural materials and their artistic interpretations of Pak-China friendship and culture. “The integration of natural elements in their textile creations is both beautiful and innovative,” he remarked. “The artworks reflecting Pak-China relations and cultural exchanges are particularly fascinating and demonstrate a deep understanding and appreciation of our bilateral ties.”

The exhibition featured a diverse array of projects, with students utilizing various natural materials to create unique textile pieces. The inclusion of themes related to Pak-China friendship and culture added a distinctive dimension to the display, resonating with the audience and garnering widespread admiration.

Principal College of Art and Design, Dr Samina Naseem, and In-charge of the Textile Design Department, Dr Asna Mubashra, along with faculty members and students, were present at the event. The participants expressed their admiration for the students’ artwork, describing the pieces as mind-boggling and lauding the creativity and dedication evident in each project.

“The students have truly outdone themselves,” said Dr Samina Naseem. “Their ability to blend creativity with technical skill is commendable and reflects the high standards of our textile design program.”

Dr Asna Mubashra echoed these sentiments, highlighting the importance of such exhibitions in providing students with a platform to showcase their talents and gain recognition for their hard work. “This exhibition is a testament to the incredible potential of our students and their readiness to contribute to the textile industry with innovative and culturally significant designs,” she stated.

The thesis exhibition not only celebrated the artistic achievements of the students but also emphasized the role of education in fostering creativity and innovation. By encouraging students to explore new ideas and materials, the Department of Textile Design continues to support the development of future leaders in the textile industry.

As the exhibition concluded, it left a lasting impression on all attendees, reinforcing Punjab University’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting excellence in art and design.

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