Teachers’ Front Bags Two Seats As PU Syndicate Gets New Members


The Teachers’ Front managed to make away with two of the four seats for faculty as election for Punjab University Syndicate concluded on Monday.

The other two faculty groups in the race for places in the syndicate managed to win one seat each.

The election to choose new members for four faculty seats of the Punjab University syndicate were held on Monday. The candidates and rival groups vied for seats reserved against four cadres of faculty: professor, associate professor, assistant professor and lecturer.

There were four main groups in the running, including the Teachers’ Front, Teachers’ Front Founders Group, Academic Forum and Faculty Strengthening Forum.

As results were announced, the Teachers’ Front managed to grab two of the coveted four seats. Dr Sajid Rashid Ahmad of PU’s College of Earth and Environmental Studies (CEES) won the syndicate seat for professor, while the seat for assistant professor also went to Teacher’s Front’s Dr Mahboob Hussain.

Javed Sami of the Teachers’ Front Founders Group secured the seat for the assistant professor, while Abdul Majid Khan Rana from the Academic Forum claimed the lecturer’s seat in the syndicate.

The PU Syndicate is the second highest statutory body in the university, next only to the university Senate. Its mandate includes taking important decisions and ratifying proceedings of other statutory bodies of the varsity.

Being an important executive body within the university administration, the syndicate is also responsible for taking measures that help improve the university’s standards of services, including teaching, research facilities and other academic functions. The syndicate also oversees the affairs and management of the university property.

The newly elected members will be sworn in for a three-year term. Besides the syndicate election, election for the PU Academic Council were also held simultaneously on Monday. The Academic Council serves advisory body that assists the syndicate in matters related to academic affairs like standards of instruction, research, publications, examinations and new programmes and departments. All professors of the university are, by default, members of the Academic Council.

The seven members of the Academic Council elected were Dr Shakeel Ahmed and Dr Saima Sadaf against two seats of associate professors, Sonia Umar and Fiaz Firdousi for assistant professors’ seats and Yumna Sadaf, Dr Imran and Dr Muhammad Islam were elected to the three seats of lecturers.

Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zakira Zakir has congratulated the newly-elected members of the syndicate and the Academic Council. He hoped the newly-elected members would play their role for improving academic environment and research standards of the university.

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