In a recent display of decisive action, a task force comprising officers from the Aram Bagh police station in Karachi successfully apprehended a number of publishers who were involved in the illicit trade of pirated textbooks. This operation was initiated following a formal complaint lodged by the Sindh Textbook Board (STBB), prompting officials from the Aram Bagh police station to conduct a targeted raid in the bustling locale of Urdu Bazaar.

This operation culminated in the apprehension of several publishers suspected of engaging in the unlawful sale of pirated textbooks. These publishers were purportedly disguising their activities by presenting themselves as private publishers, thus directly contravening established legal statutes.

As per the prevailing legal framework, publishers are explicitly prohibited from vending textbooks without the express authorization of the Sindh Textbook Board. Adherence to the law mandates that all publishers must complete the requisite registration process as private publishing entities prior to engaging in the distribution of textbooks.

The illicit actions undertaken by these publishers have triggered concerns regarding potential financial ramifications for the Sindh Textbook Board. In addition, law enforcement officials have verified that the accused publishers voluntarily surrendered the pirated books to the police during the operation. Subsequently, a formal case pertaining to this incident has been duly registered at the Aram Bagh police station, underscoring the gravity of the matter at hand.

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