Punjab Bans O-Level Textbook “The History and Culture of Pakistan”

Punjab Bans O-Level Textbook “The History and Culture of Pakistan”

Punjab Bans O-Level Textbook

The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has announced an immediate ban on the O-level textbook “The History and Culture of Pakistan,” authored by Nigel Kelly. The decision, lacking an explicit rationale, has been formally communicated through a notification from the Schools Education Department.

The directive, dated June 13, mandates all chief executive officers of the District Education Authority to enforce the ban. Despite its significant implications for O-level students, the notification provides no specific reasons for the prohibition.

Punjab Education Minister Rana Sikandar Hayat, along with other education officials, confirmed the ban in statements to a private news channel. An anonymous official disclosed that the initial ban was imposed in May of the previous year. The recent notification serves to reinforce and ensure adherence to this prior directive.

The textbook in question has been a widely used resource in O-level curricula, covering key aspects of Pakistan’s history and culture. The sudden enforcement of the ban has sparked concerns and confusion among educators and students, who are now left without a critical educational resource just before the academic year’s examinations.

The PCTB’s decision comes amidst ongoing debates and scrutiny over the content of educational materials in Pakistan, particularly those used in private and international school systems. The lack of transparency regarding the specific reasons for the ban has led to speculation and calls for clearer communication from the authorities.

Education stakeholders are urging the PCTB and the Schools Education Department to provide a detailed explanation for the ban to address the growing concerns and ensure that educational standards are maintained without abrupt disruptions.

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