Punjab to Conduct Matric Exams in English from 2025


The Punjab educational authorities have embarked on a significant initiative aimed at bolstering students’ English proficiency and aligning educational standards with global benchmarks.

It has been revealed that commencing in 2025, all educational boards across the province will conduct matriculation examinations in English for both science and arts streams. This move entails a gradual transition away from Urdu in examination papers, with the goal of establishing a uniform language medium across all subjects. Furthermore, starting in 2026, English will also serve as the medium of instruction for all optional subjects in FA examinations.

Although formal approval of this policy is pending, education officials are optimistic about its endorsement at the upcoming meeting of the Punjab Boards Committee Chairmen (PBCC).

In contrast, Rana Liaqat Ali, the General Secretary of the Punjab Teachers Union, has expressed concerns regarding the potential challenges arising from the language shift. He has underscored the importance of providing adequate training for teachers to facilitate a smooth transition and mitigate the risk of students facing difficulties due to language barriers.

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