Punjab Education Minister celebrates enrolment of 5 lac students


LAHORE: Punjab Schools Education Minister Murad Raas has shared figures of enrolled students in a recent enrolment drive, throughout the province. According to the shared figures, a total of 531,153 students have been enrolled in the schools in three months.

Among the admitted students 243,784 were boys, which make 45.9 per cent of the total admitted students while 287,369 girls were admitted, which make 54.1 percent of the total admissions.

The minister also mentioned in the tweet that these admissions were with B-Form. He also admired his team and wrote, ‘Corona does not mean one should stop working. Our teams are producing Miraculous results. Zero Excuses.’

School Education Department Punjab launched the School Enrolment Drive in February with a particular focus on students who dropped out during the prolonged closures of schools twice in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SED aimed to enrol 1 million students back to the schools.

During the launch, minister Murad Raas announced that instead of engaging schoolteachers in the enrolment drive, school councils would be involved to engage with the local community to send their kids to schools who either dropped out from the schools during the recent closures or the already out-of-school children (OOSC) across the province.

Dr Murad Raas said that the enrolment drive would be continued throughout the year and the department had set a target of bringing back one million children to government schools. He said a Taleem Champion competition was part of the enrolment drive to engage school councils and create a sense of competition among the councils. He said CEOs, AEOs and Deputy Education Officers and school councils had been assigned targets in this regard and the department would strive to bring more than one million children back to schools.

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