Punjab Government has declared setting up school councils in government and private schools mandatory to monitor the performance of schools.

As per the details regarding the school council, a senior official of the School Education Department told Academia that the school council will be elected for a term of two years and it will consist of 7 members including the principal of the school who will be the chairman whereas a teacher, a parent of a student, educationists will be the members of the school council, a representative of SED and a representative of District Education Authority (DEA). However, for high school, there will be one seat for a teacher from primary school,

Sources said that the school council meeting must be held every month and a complaint box will be placed at the main gate of the school, the box will be opened before the school council members.

The school council will be responsible for dealing with the complaints of parents which may include the performance of teachers, violence, harassment and administrative issues of the school whereas the school will be bound to present all the budget records before the members of the school’s council.

The officials of SED said that if any school will not set up this school council, its registration would be cancelled.

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