Punjab government to cut university’s budget

Punjab government to cut university’s budget

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LAHORE: Contrary to its manifesto, the Pakistan Tehrik I Insaf (PTI) government in Punjab has planned to cut the budget of public sector universities located in Lahore in the upcoming budget 2021-22, reliable sources told Academia Mag. Six universities likely to face around 80 percent budget cut as out of Rs 14 billion only Rs 2.3 billion will be given to these universities.

According to sources, Punjab Tianjin University, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and Punjab University will face major budget cut. The budget of Innovation Center at UET, expansion of Tianjin University and Academic and Research programs of Punjab University will be decreased in the upcoming budget.

However, the University of Education will get 370 million instead of 970 million for expansion. UET will receive Rs 250 million instead of Rs 2.95 billion whereas for infrastructure UET will only receive 90 million instead of 950 million. For expansion, UET asked Rs 5.92 billion and likely to get only Rs 400 million. Similarly, Punjab Tianjin University will get Rs 780 million instead of Rs 3 billion.

As per the Public Sector Program, the Federal Government had to fund the public sector universities in Punjab but now the government has announced to further decrease the demanded budget. The budget cut will affect the ongoing projects at Public sector universities.

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