Punjab govt likely to increase the school education budget

Punjab govt likely to increase the school education budget


Punjab Government likely to increase the budget of School Education Department by up to 10 percent for the upcoming budget 2021-22, reliable sources at SED told Academia Mag.

According to sources, this year government will add Rs 3 billion more in the amount which was previously allocated. For budget 2020-21 Punjab government allocated a Rs 30 billion development budget but this year it will be Rs 35 billion, sources inform this scribe.

The sources further said that government has no plans to start any new project in the education sector as it wanted to carry the ongoing projects. When asked about establishing new Danish Schools or Center of Excellence, the sources said that there will be no new Danish School or Center of Excellence in the upcoming year.

While Punjab government has a plan to allocate funds for dangerous school buildings, missing facilities, provision of basic facilities, ongoing Danish schools, IT Labs and Punjab Education Foundation (PEF).

As per the breakdown shared by sources, the government may allocate Rs 2 billion for maintenance of dangerous school buildings, Rs 2 billion for provision of missing facilities, Rs 1 billion for Danish Schools, Rs 4 billion for handing over of schools to the private sector and Rs 1 billion for the establishment of IT and Computer labs in government schools.

According to sources, the School Education Department (SED) demanding Rs 100 billion in terms of development budget but the government likely to allocate a Rs 35 billion development budget for the fiscal year 2021-22.

It is pertinent to mention here that except for the Rs 20 billion development budget of PEF, no other amount is included in the running expenditure. This may not improve the situation of PEF in the coming years.

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