Punjab Govt. to Employ Tech Services to Monitor Private Schools


Punjab Government draws on tech to monitor private schools   

The Punjab government has adopted a tech-centric approach to oversee 60,000 private schools in the province. The technology is meant to monitor educational institutions and assess their efficiency. Moreover, the government also aims to regulate the inordinate fee hikes by the private schools.

At the launching ceremony of the e-licence system, Dr Murad Raas, the Punjab Education Minister, said the government has introduced a first of its kind online system for the registration and regulation of the private schools.

The new system would help curtail excessive fee hikes by the private schools under strict monitoring by the government.


The Punjab Education Minister spokesperson informed that the online system grants e-licenses and also accepts renewal charges online.

Approximately 60,000 private schools are functioning in the Punjab province. The School Education Department Punjab, however, does not have a comprehensive record of these schools. With the launch of the new online portal, the government aims to record and monitor a database of the private schools in the province.

The Punjab government has announced that all private school owners will be able to register their schools online by March 2021. More than 26,000 school owners across Punjab have already registered their schools under the e-license system.

The Punjab Education Minister believes that a complete and comprehensive use of technology could help in ensuring transparency.

“Provincial government is also working on a system which, once implemented, will create a synchronized environment in which every stakeholder in the education system will do its own work,” explained, Dr Murad Raas.

It is pertinent to note that the minister in July had said that the Punjab government was working to launch a portal to regulate all private schools.

President Kashif Mirza of the All Pakistan Private Schools Federation told Academia that their association has rejected the online portal owing to many “complications”.

Speaking about these complications, Kashif Mirza added, “What’s the purpose of having an online system if we have to submit the required documents manually as well? The portal is not even working properly.”

“The term license is legally used for persons and not for institutions whereas registration certificate is an apt and a legally valid term for institutions as per the Registration Act 1984,” Mirza explained.


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