The School Education Department (SED) Minister for Punjab, Murad Raas, on Monday, announced the first transgender school in Lahore soon. He said that after Multan, a school for transgenders will be opened in Lahore too for which most of the basic work and formalities have been completed.

The minister was speaking at a ceremony in Lahore where he mentioned the opening for a new school for the community of transgenders. Explaining the need for this measure, he said that transgenders in Pakistan have not been getting educational opportunities that other people enjoy. They are being ignored but the current government has decided to change the reality and work for the education of trans people. 

The first school for transgenders was opened in July 2021 in Multan which was welcomed by the community. Now, measures are being taken to open a separate school in Lahore too. Murad Raas mentioned that the government is intended to open schools for the said community in all the districts of Punjab. He also said that they are opening separate schools for them because other students do not have an inclusive attitude towards them and the transgender community has reservations about it. 

The education minister for schools also talked about the efforts of the government for the development of schools. He mentioned the School Meal Program and said that the private sector should also play its part to facilitate public schools under this program. The work the government has done for the up-gradation of public schools has led to the admission of around 100,000 students in the schools, he explained. Moreover, talking about the recent collaboration signed with Lifebuoy shampoo, he said that they are working to make the educational institutes more inclusive for girls and enhance the opportunities for them. 

The world is moving forward at a high pace and Pakistan is struggling for equal educational rights yet. Where this measure is an important step taken by the government, there should be more work done for them. There need to be constitutional changes and awareness programs that educate other people not to stigmatize them. Schools alone cannot change the social issues faced by transgenders in Pakistan. Thus, the overall attitude of people also needs to be changed. The opening of schools, though necessary, is just one initial step towards the change. Let’s see how impactful the said measure proves to be.

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