Punjab Minister promises steps to include Punjabi in curriculum


Punjab Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs Ejaz Alam Augustine announced in his speech that he will take measures to include Punjabi in the syllabus. He said he will take all possible steps to make it happen.

Punjab Minister was invited to a ceremony at Mother Tongue Day by a private group of institutions. While addressing the audience on the said day, he asserted that just as Pushto and Sindhi are part of the curriculum in the respective areas, he will make all the efforts to include ‘Maa Boli’ (the local term for mother tongue) in the syllabus. He showed his sadness over the fact that Punjabi speakers are not very comfortable speaking their own language proudly. He endorsed the idea that every one of us should start learning and speaking the language that is our own.

Professor Abdul Manan who is the chairman of the private group of institutions also presented his views on the Punjabi Language. He said that this is a language so full of sweetness. A well-known Punjabi poet Baba Najmi also endorsed that every person should make active efforts for the promotion of Punjabi. He said that we should work for it no matter where we are in the world and what are we doing in our lives.

Saeeda Diep who is a rights activist was also present on the occasion. She said that it is the responsibility of the public representatives to work for the preservation and promotion of Punjabi. She asserted that they should play a significant role in it by raising voices in the Punjab Assembly.

A Punjabi radio broadcaster Masood Malhi spoke at the seminar and gave examples from across the world while talking about the flourishment of this language. He said that the language is protected and growing in developed countries Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. However, no such measures have been taken in Pakistan or Punjab.

At the same time, a number of people including mostly students took to the streets and crowded Chairing Cross to promote Punjabi and celebrate its day. They were enthusiastic, passionate, and proud of their language. With slogans in Punjabi, they were saying that Punjabi is their language and it has to be protected and preserved. Different rallies and seminars were also arranged in other parts of the country.

Our system, with every passing day, is going more towards the inclusion of foreign languages, and the exclusion of Punjabi. Learning a new language is great but considering it a symbol of intelligence and demoting local language at its cost has to be stopped.

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