In a grand celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) hosted a vibrant event at Faletti’s Hotel in Lahore. Distinguished guests, including Governor of Punjab Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman, the Chinese Consul General, and various political, social, and business figures, gathered to mark the joyous occasion.

A notable presence at the event was a delegation from Punjab University (PU), led by the Director of PU Confucius Institute, Prof Dr Shafiq ur Rahman. The students from PU Confucius Institute showcased their cultural diversity by performing enchanting Chinese songs, adding a special charm to the festivities.

During the event, Prof Dr Shafiq ur Rahman engaged in discussions with the President of PCJCCI on matters of mutual interest and collaboration. This interaction aimed to strengthen ties between the academic and business communities of Pakistan and China.

The Chinese Consul General took the opportunity to meet with faculty and students from Punjab University. In a session filled with encouragement and motivation, the Consul General emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and collaboration between educational institutions of both countries.

The event served as a platform for fostering stronger ties between Pakistan and China, not only in the realm of commerce but also in cultural and educational spheres. The celebrations showcased the unity and friendship shared between the two nations, as they ushered in the Chinese New Year with enthusiasm and camaraderie.

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