PU’s CAD organizes seminar on various possibilities of communication


LAHORE: Punjab University College of Art & Design Depart of Graphic Design has organized a seminar on ‘Sab Say Pahly Ap Nay Ghabra-na Nahi Hai; Design Thinking Process’. On this occasion, renowned designer Nadeem Wahid, Director Postgraduate Research Centre of Creative Arts Prof Dr Ahmad Bilal, faculty members and a large number of students were present. In this address, Mr Wahid threw light on whole range of design strategies to provide an understanding to the students about various possibilities of communication. He related the famous slogan: ‘Sab Say Pahly Ap Nay Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ with the design thinking process as according to him, anything can be advertised and any target can be achieved. He described the basics of branding techniques and then elaborated these by giving examples from the local industry and made students realized the importance of connecting with their audience or customers.

Dr Ahmad Bilal said that the seminar was an effort to connect academia with the industry and strengthen the creative skills among students. He added that the design was always a true reflection of a society as it was presenting something sellable and in the contemporary capitalist setup only sellable had survived. “Indeed, consumer culture is the most Compelling culture”, he added. The seminar provided a possibility, to all the design students, to think out of the box and make their final projects worthwhile and more aligned with need of contemporary industry.

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