QAED Join Hands with LUMS’ School of Education


Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) Punjab faces the daunting task to develop as well as improve the professional skill-set of educational personnel working in the province. For this purpose, QAED has now decided to establish a partnership with LUMS School of Education in order to plan, develop, design and employ a heterogeneous need-centric programme that can help in the professional development of educational personnel.

Under the plan, LUMS School of Education will design as well as organise a course focusing on education, leadership and management for assistant education officers. This two-week course will be conducted in four districts– followed by comprehensive research by the LUMS School of Education for accessing its impact on classroom teaching and school management. QAED will also have the support of LUMS School of Education for professional training of its employees and for developing a team of effective trainers.

QAED Additional Director General Ahmad Khawar Shahzad said all the programmes by QAED will be designed after a thorough analysis of the data collected from already available resources, students’ learning and teachers capacities. He said QAED will develop an inclusive teacher education management information system that will ensure a continuous state of learning and will employ a mechanism focusing on the needs of teachers across the province.

The professional development activities planned by QAED for the coming year include mentoring of teachers of Grade III on basic literacy and numeracy skills, development of innovative tablet-based teacher support package, facilitate British Council sponsored massive open online courses and face to face training of primary teachers.

QAED will also have the support of UNICEF support to initiate early childhood education classrooms in more than 10,000 schools across the province. British council will also sponsor a core skills training programme for elementary class teachers (VI to VIII).

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