The unabated protest by faculty at Quaid-e-Azam University has entered its third week, with the federal education minister now offering to mediate between the two sides.

Members of the Academic Staff Association (ASA) of Quaid-e-Azam University has been protesting daily for three weeks now against Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Ashraf over his alleged corruption, nepotism and incompetence, demanding his immediate removal. On Monday, more than 150 walked through and around the administration block corridors to register their protest. They later gathered outside the VC’s office and staged a sit-in, blocked access to and from the office for over an hour. The protesters continued chanting various slogans, including “Go, VC Go!” Several ASA members spoke on the occasion through a megaphone, highlighting the alleged financial, administrative, and academic mismanagement, corruption and utter failures of the incumbent during his tenure in the university.


The ASA members also highlighted the deteriorating law and order on campus unde Dr Ashraf’s tenure, saying the university environment was hostile and not conducive to work. They even threatened to march towards the Parliament if their concerns were not heeded to. The faculty members reiterated their sole demand of VC’s resignation and appealed the authorities to save the top ranked institution of the country from the brink of its worst crisis in 50 years.

The faculty has unanimously resolved to take the movement to its logical conclusion, come what may. ASA and its elected representatives would also conduct a press conference to present their case against the VC ands to draw the attention of authorities like HEC, Ministry of Education and the university chancellor towards the “miseries of the country’s top-ranked university”.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Education Balighur Rehman has offered his services to mediate between the two sides, inviting ASA members for a meeting today (Tuesday).He had earlier tasked Education Ministry Adviser Rafique Tahir to meet the protesters to sort out their differences with the VC.



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