Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that quality of education is more important than increasing the number of universities in province. We will not compromise on the autonomy of the universities; whenever a policy is formulated, in this regard, the universities and other concerned stakeholders will be taken into confidence.

He was addressing the concluding ceremony of the Leadership and Management Program for Vice Chancellors of Universities today here at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore. Provincial Minister for Higher Education and Information Technology Punjab Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfraz and Chairman PHEC Prof Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid also attended the ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Punjab said that our higher education sector was facing many challenges including quality education and research, good governance and international ranking. “Another challenge is that our graduates are unable to compete in the local and international job market as they lack the necessary skills and expertise in their field”. The training program would help university leaders cope with this challenhes. He added that Universities coyld bring institutions up to international standards by ensuring better governance and management, effective strategies.

Governor Punjab while appreciating the initiatives of the Punjab Higher Education Commission said that the Punjab Higher Education Commission has initiated the Punjab Academy of Higher Learning Innovation for the training and professional development of teachers in public and private sector universities. And provided an interactive platform in the form of entrepreneurship and not only introduced them to modern sciences and skills but also worked hard to improve the quality of higher education institutions and promote research and training.

The Chancellor added that the training program provided an opportunity for Vice-Chancellors to critically analyze and understand solutions to institutional problems and other factors affecting universities, including organizational performance.

He further said ”although we have limited resources compared to developed countries, we still have the best brains, we have the best leadership.” through cooperation, transparency, and effective teamwork can we achieve the vision of the country. the Governor said. .
Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid also addressed the gathering and appreciated the patronage of the government for the Punjab Higher Education Commission and demanded from the government to increase the budget of PHEC as significant projects, including funding for teacher and staff training workshops, scholarships, and conferences were undertook that require a lot of funding. aim of the five-day training was to acquaint the Vice Chan
Chairman PHEC Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid said that the said the program was an opportunity for the Vice-Chancellors to strengthen their networking and benefit from each other’s experience in bringing higher education institutions up to world standards.
Dr. Fazal further said that Punjab Higher Education Commission is working hard for the promotion of higher education in the province as per the agenda of the government.

Punjab Higher Education Commission is moving towards setting up of 15 new provincial universities to ensure easy access to education. The Punjab Research Fund has been set up to promote research in the province, under which 25 teachers from ten universities have been given research awards. In addition, the University of the Year Award has been launched for raising the standard of education, activating the educational ecosystem and improving the performance of Vice Chancellors.

In order to improve the ranking of universities at the international level. Dr. Fazal further said that Punjab Higher Education Commission has provided professional training to more than 7000 teachers and officers of universities and colleges with limited resources. A proposal for the setting up of Punjab Academy of Higher Learning has been submitted to the government. The five-day program covered a wide range of leadership and management topic

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