Fine Arts play a vital role in our lives and in the society that we move in, but many people think otherwise. Many think that fine Arts has no educational value. We surround ourselves with art every day, whether it is listening to music, drawing or even painting. Fine Arts has numerous career aspects. It also improves and encourages the creativity of kids, brings out confidence and plays an essential role in their personal growth and development. It also develops visual learning, motor skills, focus collaboration and decision making.
But still, there are many individuals who think that children should focus more on practical fields such as Technology, Science or Engineering. In this article, we reveal seven compelling reasons why you should consider studying Fine Arts.

1. Chance to travel abroad for higher education

There are numerous universities that offer the chance to study abroad whether it is for a year or one term only. There are many universities which also offer short art diplomas for art students. This is one of the most exciting and amazing opportunities as this helps in broadening the skills set as well as enhancing the knowledge of these students. Be it fine Arts or design, it may take you all over the globe with tremendous work opportunities once you get done with your degree.

2. Diverse range of study topics

There is a vast variety of degrees and topics from which a student can easily choose from. It may be sculpture, pottery, jewelry design, theatre or painting. Due to a higher number of options available on the courses, it keeps the students engaged. The interesting subjects and the study structure helps stretch their creative minds to work on new ideas.

3. Transferable skills

One of the most fantastic things about Art is that you are not limited to a narrow-focused skill set. A career in the creative sector always leads up to a highest paid job and specially the skills which you learn while pursuing this degree will always help you excel in various professional sectors and roles such as communications, entrepreneurship or UX design. One also starts to think outside the box, more independently and creatively. It gets easier to solve problems on your own, learn communication skills and an attention to detail and fine-tune skills.

4. Psychological benefits

Arts is a subject that is also known as a stress releaser. Artistic expressions are usually utilized as a form for the therapy of adults or kids to help them relax, release stress and heighten emotional awareness. Being an art student means having maximum exposure to arts which can result in positive mental health improvements.

5. Learning rich history and culture

There is no doubt that the Art culture is rich, huge and distinct. There are so many Art galleries across the world with the most cherished artists of all time. Fine Art also helps in inspiring students and gives them the resources to build up their own ideas and create their own masterpieces.

6. Job opportunities

Fine Arts leads to the best highest paying jobs depending on your skills set. Apart from the fact that one can go into any profession, there is also a vast range of occupations that graduates can enter. Be it photography, fashion design, illustration, teaching or TV production.

7. Improves critical thinking

Nowadays, critical thinking is considered a crucial skill for all the modern workplaces. It is the ability to use your judgement to evaluate or analyze issues and come up with an instant solution. Studying Art helps the students to examine the surroundings around them, analyze and come up with multiple ideas that would be beneficial in that situation and would fit right in. This is the foundation of critical and creative thinking.

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