7 Reasons to learn German language

7 Reasons to learn German language

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It is always great to learn a new language. Knowledge of the German language will increase your options and if you decide to learn German you acquire a range of skills which not only improves your work life but private life as well.
In this article, we have listed down the reasons why you should learn German.

  1. German companies are global market leaders

Germany is known to be a home to many economic global players. Adidas, Volkswagen and numerous others are globally recognized brands. The country also hosts the biggest international trade fairs. Even the German capital, Berlin is turning into a hub of innovative start-ups. So, learning German would be a plus point if you want to work in the international market. Having German skills on your resume would help you get jobs very easily.

  1. German cultural understanding

German speaking world has created some of the finest and greatest literary, musical, artistic minds in human history. Learning German gives you the opportunity to appreciate the masterpieces of these artists in their original form. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you like some artistic work in German and get to discover the true meaning of the original text yourself?

  1. Most widely spoken native language

About 100 million people speak German in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. German is the second most spoken language on the continent of Europe. It also comes at the tenth place as one of the major languages of the world.

  1. Gateway to world-class higher education

German university degrees are known worldwide and highly valued by employers. Germany universities have an excellent reputation. Germany also offers a high number of scholarships or a very low, non-existent tuition fee which is a great opportunity for students to save on the student debt.

  1. Science and research

German is the second most used scientific language and Germany is about the third largest contributor to research and development. They also offer research fellowships to scientists from abroad. Another great reason to learn German.

  1. Language of innovators and inventors

It is well known that Germany is the country of poets and thinkers. A large percentage of the world’s achievements were first invented in Germany. Many Nobel Prizes are awarded to Germans for their accomplishments in literature, science, medicine and numerous areas.

  1. An important language in academia

German plays a vital role in academic community as it ranks second as the most used scientific language. After Chinese and English publishing industries, German book market is the largest in the world as well. But only the knowledge of German will give you access to them.

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