If you are always curious about the natural world and animals, then zoology is the perfect degree for you as it offers you the chance to indulge your interest. If studying the physiology of animals, how they interact with other species or in an environment, and their behavior is what interests you the most, then zoology is the best choice for your career. In this article, we have discussed reasons why you should study for a zoology degree.

1. Interesting subject

While studying zoology you will get to learn about interesting topics such as amphibians, mammals, reptiles and Darwinian Evolutionary Theory to maintain life in the animal kingdom, so one will never get bored of studying this course. In fact, many students find it hard to put it down, as they keep on learning something new which enhances their knowledge.

2. Wide range of career opportunities

After your degree is over, you will have plenty of different jobs to choose from. Studying zoology will surely open a wide range of exciting career opportunities. There are various fields of work you can choose from which may include: testing and developing new drugs, disease and pest control, conserving endangered habitats and species, and animal welfare and education. It is also known that zoologists travel a lot that too all around the globe in order to study animals in different environments.

3. The work will never be dull

When working with different numbers of animals and studying topics as diverse as anatomy, evolution and behavior, you will never get bored. In fact, many universities which offer zoology courses place a large emphasis on field work, so the students get to spend less time in lectures rather than more time is spent with the animals.

4. High paid salaries

Zoologists can easily find jobs in education, government, non-profit organizations, and pharmaceuticals. Zoologists and wildlife biologists earn a handsome salary. In fact, zoologists employed at universities who typically hold a doctor of zoology degree can earn an average salary of $70,000 or even more.

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