Reasons to study in Turkey


Mostly, Turkey has been a preferred choice for students when choosing universities to study abroad. Turkey is one of the countries that offers fully funded scholarships without IELTS to international students. If you are going to a university soon and considering Turkey as an option then this article is for you.

Quality education

Turkish universities offer high-quality education. Universities in Turkey offer numerous facilities to their students for them to enjoy and develop their knowledge and skills. They have professors from different parts of the world which exposes students to different cultures, opinions and experiences. Degrees obtained from Turkish universities have worldwide recognition.

Multi-cultural environment

As an international student in a foreign country like Turkey, one can never feel left out. There are many international students that come from different backgrounds and cultures. This helps the students in learning how to mix into new cultures, learn about them, interact with new people and helps expand their horizons. The best part is making friends that turn into family.

Learning a new language

Apart from all the exciting experiences. Students get to learn the Turkish language. Learning a new language is always fun and fruitful in the long run. Learning a new language adds value to your set of skills and helps you get started for your career after graduating from university.

Historical and cultural significance

Turkey has a rich history. One can find numerous ancient ruins that are evidence of various civilizations. Turkey is like one big museum in this regard. The remains of the famous ancient city of Troy are also in Turkey. If you have a love for all the historical places, then you will surely love Turkey.

Hospitable Turkish people

The hospitality of Turkish people has been known by many around the world. Turkish people will welcome you with open arms as their guests. You surely won’t miss your home.

Pleasant climate

Turkey rather has a very moderate and pleasant climate. Summer days in Istanbul are dry and warm while in winters its snowy and rainy. Ankara has somewhat similar weather, but it snows a lot during winters.

Low-cost of living and quality education

Turkey offers students a world class quality education at costs that are lower than most of the universities in American or European countries. The tuition fee and cost of living are relatively low. Turkey scholarships not only cover the tuition fees but also covers living and accommodation costs which is a great deal for students.

The mouth-watering cuisine

You will find delicious pastries, seafood, grilled corn and kababs on street corners. The Turkish cuisine is a delectable blend of Central Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors.

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