Right activists gathered at IBA’s city campus to commemorate revered economist Dr. Aly Ercelawn

Right activists gathered at IBA’s city campus to commemorate revered economist Dr. Aly Ercelawn


Civil society individuals and right activists attended a memorial reference organized by the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research to commemorate the services of Dr. Aly Alp Ercelawn for the working class and communities, today at JS Auditorium IBA City Campus Karachi.

Revered economists Dr. Kaiser Bengali recalled his services in economic development of the country and his research in labour sector, they were together at QAU Islamabad, Dr. Bengali quoted. Dr. Pervez Tahir was also amongst the friends who attended the ceremony, he reminisced their golden days together in PILER during research in Bonded labour and related work.

Later, Khalid Nadvi, SM Naseem, Anjum Altaf, Jamil Iqbal, Dr. Pervez Hoodboy and others also attended the reference via video link.

The elder daughter of Dr. Ercelawn, Ms. Ayesha mentioned his legacy in some of these words, he was a generous, nature-lover, optimistic and strongly passionate person who also emphasized on promoting cultural values and environmental protection.

Speaking to the participants, Karamat Ali stated that, we will consolidate a biography for his life after consulting all his friends and colleagues. We will also organize a massive event in urdu and local languages for general masses and his followers, Executive director PILER stated.

Sonia Karamat Ali, her assistant in PILER mentioned his renowned work at institute. I have spent my quality time with the man of principles, he was a remarkable teacher, she narrated in the forum.

Saeed Baloch, GS of Pakistan FisherFolk Forum shared his views by mentioning his good deeds and contributions for fishermen community. Meanwhile, daughter of Late Muhammad Ali Shah, Ms. Yaseem Shah thanked the attendees for their presence and recalled his relations with her father, Dr. Ercelwan’s work for social justice of fishermen in Sindh was remarkable, she mentioned.

Dr. Ijaz Nabi, his colleague in academia speaking to the forum revealed that his interest in economics triggered by the versatile company of Dr. Ercelawn, he was the best mentor and strict teacher for his students, he stated.

Dr. Pervez Hoodboy stated his memories dated back to 1973 in Islamabad, early times of his career was well supported by Dr. Ercelawn, he quoted. During my illness in the cold breeze of Islamabd, Ercelawn cared me during my precarious health. Thinking of those old times I reminded him as a thorough and principled person, Pervez hoodboy narrated. The mathemitazation of economics is the only way to mitigate the sufferings of third world, Ercelawn stated on meeting Prof. Salam’s institute in his presence. I feel deep sorrow on his passing, he was perhaps more comfortable in his research work, he was deeply missed, Dr. Hoodboy concluded.

SM Naseem, Shamshad Akhtar, Ajnum Altaf, Abdul Nayyar, Arjumand Faisal, Sohail Jahangir Malik and other participants also shared their noble values and words in their beloved colleague’s commemoration. Dr. Ercelawn left a huge impression in our lives, his commanding expertise in the subject was symbol of embodiment for freedom of thoughts and human justice, friends asserted.

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    ڈاکٹر صاحب نے ہم کو اپلائیڈاکنامکس میں مائکرو اکنامکس 2001 میں پڑھائاور آج تک ان جیسا ٹیچر نہیں دیکھا، اللہ آپکو اپنے پاس بہت خوش رکھے

    December 26, 2021

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