AI Robots Will Teach English To Japanese Students


For Japanese students, being able to speak English isn’t indispensable but rather an optional skill that is ‘nice to have’. With lack of methods that focus on grasping what was learned in class, Japanese students still lack English language skills in the global era.

Japan is now employing a much practical approach in order to assist its students to speak proficiently by introducing AI robots as English language teachers. Friendly humanoid robots are now more than just fictional characters in Japan, as the country holds international recognition in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Education Ministry of Japan is planning a pilot project worth $3.1 million to improve notoriously weak oral and written language skills of the young Japanese students. Government officials also stated that these 500 AI robots will not only educate students but will help also them in the pronunciation of words which is an arduous task for human teachers.

English classes are currently compulsory for Japanese students aged between 12 and 15. However the government is planning to take necessary initiatives to change the national curriculum that will make it compulsory for students from the age of 10 to study English language at schools.

Japan’s Education Ministry stated these AI robots will be manufactured by AKA, an American firm known for developing AI robots. Each robot will cost around $900 and is still far more efficient and hassle-free than finding a qualified English teacher in the country.

The ministry also plans to develop cloud-based study apps and online conversation sessions for current students with native English speakers, along with the introduction of robots that would be designed in order to improve English communication skills of the students.

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