Role Of Education Vital For Prosperity: German Envoy


German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schlagheck has emphasized the significance of quality education for all, and for the development and prosperity of a country.

Addressing the students of public and private schools on the International Education Day here, he said like the other countries, the observance of the day in Pakistan was a step forward towards better education in the country with the sharp focus on inclusive and equitable quality education with same curriculum to all the children.

Today, he said, “the countries, including Pakistan are celebrating the International Day of Education, which remind us that without quality education and learning no one can make progress.”

He said, “For me it is always a very pleasant and joyful activity to meet the school kids and students.”

Bernhard Schlagheck said the role of education was a key for the success for individuals, families and nations.

He said millions of children, who were out of school, were deprived of their basic and fundamental rights of education. It was a big matter of concern that around 22 million children were still out of school in Pakistan and it was crucial for the government to get them enrolled, he stressed.

Collective efforts were required to ensure quality education and research work to compete with the world, he said.

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