Role of media in Palestine issue discussed at UO

Role of media in Palestine issue discussed at UO

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The University of Okara’s Department of Communication Studies organized a webinar which brought together eminent journalists and academicians to discuss the role of international media in reporting Israel’s intrusion in Gaza.

The UO Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar presided over the event. Talking about the media in the Muslim world, he argued that despite having abundant resources, the Muslim world had not taken interest in developing strong media outlets and platform to create their own narratives.

Describing the objectives of the webinar, the In-Charge Department of Communication Studies, Dr Zahid Bilal, told that such events were an opportunity to understand the alignment and approach of international media in key issues.

Dr Abida Ashraf, Human Rights Chair at Punjab University said that whenever it came to report the Palestine issue, the international media depicted the Israelis as victims and ruled over the miseries of the Palestinians.

The renowned journalist, Mansoor Jaffar, explained in detail the historical perspectives of the issue and told that International media outlets deliberately downplay the atrocities of Israel through the selection of some specific words.

Another senior journalist, Aamir Hashim, maintained that Pakistan’s media should have highlighted the issue in a way that the youth could get proper and better understanding its history and background.

More than 200 participants attended the webinar and shared their thoughts about how media could be used to curb the Israel’s unauthorized occupation of Gaza.

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