EdTech SABAQ And Institute Of Business Management Signs MoU


SABAQ, an award-winning EdTech startup and the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) signed an MoU for the facilitation and creation of videos and digital content. The IoBM’s media department will offer their support in pre-production, production and post-production of digital learning videos created and conceptualized by SABAQ. The MoU was signed by SABAQ’s co-founder and CEO Hassan Bin Rizwan and Advisor to IoBM President Samra Javaid.

Talking about the collaboration, SABAQ’s CEO and Co-Founder Hassan Bin Rizwan commented, “We at SABAQ are always looking to explore valuable opportunities for growth. Collaborating with IoBM will allow us to get more creative with our content. With SABAQ’s concepts and scripts and IoBM’s production capabilities, we can take our educational content up a notch.” 

SABAQ and IoBM will continue to explore other avenues of collaboration in the field of educational technology. These are signs of some great things to come as far as Pakistan’s education landscape is concerned.    

SABAQ has been producing digital learning content for kids for more than three years now. They have reached more than 90,000 children and their application Muse has been employed in over 1,000 schools across Pakistan. 

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