Pakistan was based on federalism and had to have a parliamentary democracy, but unfortunately, the presidential system and then dictatorship came curving provincial sovereignty

Despite it being decided that provincial autonomy would be ensured. However, the decimators treated termed as traitors who were struggling to make the provinces autonomous.

We are all guilty throughout this history. A small group of associated with the elite class runs this system for themselves and until we admit our mistakes, this game will continue.

These views were expressed by former Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani Speaking at the launch of the book “Samaji Tabdeeli Ki Siyasat” authored by Advocate Akhtar Hussain who said that Pakistan is a land of people of different cultures and religions.

“We all have to fight together. There are four systems of justice are running parallel. If you belong to the elite, then the law will be different for you. If you are rich and influential, then the decision is yours. This is why ordinary citizens do not consider themselves a part of the state”.

Akhtar Hussain’s book highlights the deep state policy. It identifies those who violate the rights of workers, identifies contradictions, and offers solutions.

“We are an emotional nation even though we are ideological. We have to look at every statement consistently. All political parties have to be united on at least some agents” said President Supreme Court Bar Advocate Ahsan Bhoon.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said that some of the topics in this book are very important especially the part covers extremism in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Dr. Riaz Sheikh, Yousuf Musti Khan, and Dr Jaffer Ahmed expressed their views while the event was moderated by Dr. Ayub Sheikh.

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