SUKKUR: First Lady Samina Alvi has stressed the need for the empowerment of the women through Vocational Training to enable them to meet their financial needs.

While visiting the Government Poly Technic Institute for Women Sukkur on Tuesday, she said the government was striving hard to provide relief to the downtrodden segments of society since the day it came into power.

She said the government was committed to empowerment of women to put Pakistan on a development trajectory and promised all out support to differently abled persons to improve their vocational proficiency bringing them to the mainstream of national development process.

Ms Samina Arif Alvi said that women were provided vocational training as per job requirements before their placement to help them not only to become self sufficient but also to be able to support their families.

Samina Arif Alvi visited classrooms where she talked to the students getting technical education. The school girls presented flowers and traditional Ajrak.

Later, the First Lady also visited Dar-ul-Ehsaas, Sukkur, Speaking the occasion, Ms Samina said that the women were the fifty percent of the total population of the country and if they would sit at home then how the country would progress.

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