The Provincial Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah on Wednesday launched the four-year Advanced Quality Alternative Learning funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Under the new program from 2021 to 2025, women literacy would be promoted. To achieve the targets, 1440 centers for women education will be set up in 8 districts educating 35000 female students.

The event was also attended by the Education Secretary Ghulam Akbar Leghari and other high ranked officials of the School Education and Literacy Department and and representatives of the JICA.

Addressing the function Sardar Shah said that he was aware of the challenges in the field of education in the province as well as the capabilities of the education department. “I am well aware about the need for high literacy in society. We have been investing in education and the province raises education every year. But there is something missing due to which all children are unable to attend schools”.

He asked that if there is also human resource and financial aid then why our children are out of schools, there must be something missing somewhere. “We are committed to fix all those issues and bring the out-of-school children into schools”

Rejecting the claims about out-of-school children he said that there are reports from some sectors that 6 million children are out of school. “If you look at the total number of children in the 2018 census and then look at the number of children in government schools, private schools and Sindh Education Foundation schools, you would know the reality”.

In response to a question, he said that the largest number of out-of-school children is in Punjab, while 3 to 4 million children are out of school in KP while the number of OOSC is 6 million reported for Sindh which is incorrect. The non-viable schools will be removed from the system before the appointment of 46000 teachers. After the filtration of non-viable schools, the budget will go to functional schools only so that the teachers could improve enrollment ratio.

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