Sargodha University Conference Calls For Better Understanding Of Psychology


A two-day national conference on “Psychology for Sustainable Community: Challenges and Trends” began at Sargodha University on Tuesday, aimed at discussing psychological contributions in clinical and behavioral sciences and promoting a trans-disciplinary perspective for sustainable community. The Sargodha University conference also focuses on developing synergy between researchers and practitioners of psychology and behavioral sciences so that indigenous resources could be efficiently capitalized for the provision of solution to our aboriginal issues related to psychological wellbeing and mental health of the society.

The event proved to be a great platform for bringing together leading academic scientists, professional researchers and scholars and the community to exchange and share their experiences and knowledge about various pragmatic aspects of psychology.

Around 800 students, faculty members, researchers and professionals from across the country including Punjab University, COMSATS University, GC Lahore, GC Faisalabad, Bahria University Islamabad, Gujarat University, Hazara University and FJWU Rawalpindi attended the conference. Sargodha University Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad also graced the event.

The conference has been organized around different themes including applications of psychology in health and wellbeing, dilemmas of adolescents and adults, positive social relations and mental health, personality and individual differences, psychology for leadership, engagement and burnout, perspective of sports and educational psychology and psychology of gender and cross-cultural differences.

There were six keynote speeches from eminent research scholars, 60 oral presentations and 40 poster presentations were presented during the conference.

The research papers presented at the conference focused on the pragmatic solutions of the aboriginal issues of our masses and identified certain avenues where psychologist could play their instrumental role in paving the way to sustainable community.

UMT Dean of Social Sciences Dr Rukhsana Kausar shared her research “Applications of Psychology and Psychological Wellbeing in Pakistan”. She emphasized on the role of clinical psychologists to assess, diagnose and treat the psychological problems and the behavioral dysfunctions related to physical and mental health. She said psychology strived to understand biological, behavioral and social factors influence health and illness.

MAO College Lahore Principal Dr Memoona Mushtaq presented her research on “Cross-Cultural Variations in Human Behavior”. She said human social behavior varied immensely across a broad range of domains, including cooperation, fairness, trust, punishment, aggressiveness, morality and competitiveness. She explained that the global variations had increasingly pointed to the importance of packages of social norms or institutions.

Sargodha University Department of Psychology Chairperson Dr Najma Iqbal said that all the speakers have empirically emphasized on the role of religion, mysticism and spirituality in preserving physical and mental health in the healing process. She said the conference would greatly help bridge the gap between academics and industries.

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