Sargodha University Delegation Meets Pakistani Ambassador in China

Sargodha University Delegation Meets Pakistani Ambassador in China

Sargodha University Delegation Meets Pakistani Ambassador in China

In a significant step towards enhancing academic and research collaborations, a delegation from the University of Sargodha (UoS), led by Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Qaisar Abbas, held a valuable meeting with H.E. Mr Khalil Hashmi, the Ambassador of Pakistan to China. The meeting took place in Beijing and focused on fostering educational ties between the University of Sargodha and various Chinese universities and institutions.

During the meeting, Vice Chancellor Dr Qaisar Abbas provided a comprehensive briefing to Ambassador Khalil Hashmi on the outcomes of their visit to China. The delegation’s visit aimed to explore and establish collaborative initiatives that would benefit both Pakistani and Chinese academic communities. Dr Abbas highlighted key areas of potential cooperation, including joint research projects, student and faculty exchange programs, and the development of innovative educational programs.

Ambassador Khalil Hashmi expressed his strong support for the delegation’s initiatives and assured them of his full backing in implementing these collaborative efforts. He emphasized the importance of strengthening educational ties between Pakistan and China, noting that such partnerships would not only enhance the quality of education and research but also contribute to the broader goal of fostering closer bilateral relations.

“The University of Sargodha’s initiatives align perfectly with our vision of promoting educational excellence and cross-cultural understanding,” said Ambassador Hashmi. “I am committed to providing all necessary support to ensure the successful implementation of these collaborative efforts.”

The delegation from the University of Sargodha expressed their gratitude for Ambassador Hashmi’s commitment and support. They are optimistic that this meeting will lead to significant advancements in their collaborative projects with Chinese institutions. The delegation anticipates that these efforts will create new opportunities for students and faculty, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two countries.

This meeting marks a promising development in the University of Sargodha’s ongoing efforts to expand its international partnerships and enhance its educational and research capabilities. The delegation’s visit to China and their engagement with Ambassador Hashmi underscore the growing importance of academic collaboration in strengthening Pakistan-China relations.

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