Sargodha University organizes seminar on civic education

Sargodha University organizes seminar on civic education

Sargodha University

A seminar on “Need and Importance of Civic Education” was organized at Sargodha University in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, National Commission for Human Development and Center for Peace and Social Studies.

The seminar was attended by Mehr Umar Daraz Jahori, District Manager, National Commission for Human Development, Ehsanullah Khan, Deputy Director, Asif Mehmood Khan, Social Worker, Mohsin Khan Niazi, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, faculty members and a large number of students.

“When the state fails to provide basic services to the people, lawlessness and crime increase in the society,” said Mehr Omar Daraz Jhawri. At present Pakistan is facing the same problems that need to be solved. The rule of law, education, awareness and training are essential for building a good society. Every human being has to play his role for the betterment of the society. Ehsanullah said that in order to lift the country out of economic crisis and poverty, all people, including women, need to be made skilled. We must realize our social responsibilities, keep the environment clean instead of spreading filth and polluting the environment around us. When the sanitation system is improved, the quality of health will also be improved. Addressing the gathering, Asif Mehmood Khan said that due to non-implementation of constitution and law, we have lagged behind the world in every field including education, health, economy, justice, transparency and technology. Only the strength and stability of democracy will solve the problems. Every institution has to play its role within the ambit of constitution and law. Civil supremacy is essential for lasting peace and development. Mohsin Khan said that improve your character and behavior, respect others, this way peace and harmony will be created. Obey the law, play a role in eradicating social evils instead of being part of them.

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