The Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies at Sargodha University organized an international seminar on ‘State of Madina and Pakistan: Formation and Demands’ to discuss Seerah and Islamic jurisprudence in order to establish an ideal state.

The Sargodha University seminar was conducted by renowned Islamic Scholar Dr Ahmed Yousif Al Draiweesh, president of International Islamic University Islamabad. The event was graced by Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed, Director General of Islamic Research Institute Prof Dr Zia-ul-Haq, Professor of Principles of Religion Dr Zafarullah Baig as well as Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies Chairman Dr Muhammad Feroz-ud-Din Shah.

Praising Prof Dr Draiweesh, the VC said, “Today we have one of the top Islamic scholars with us who intellectually contributed to the Islamic world through writing around 80 books on Islamic Jurisprudence and portrayed traditional Islamic Studies in modern discourse.”

Prof Dr Draiweesh said Pak-Saudi relations were not just religion oriented but both the nations shared common culture and social values. He called for concrete steps to cement the academic ties between the two countries.

“Pakistan holds a respectable position in the Islamic world for promoting peace and harmony in the region. To establish a stable state, peace justice and equality must be promoted. And we have the Quran and Sunnah between us that are enough for guidance,” he added.

Expressing hope for a better future of Pakistan, Dr Draiweesh said the top oil exporter of the world, Saudi Arabia, was exploring new economic avenues and transforming its one-tier economy under the Saudi Vision 2030. “This will create huge opportunities for high qualified professionals in Pakistan,” he said, adding that he would extend his support to Sargodha University in collaborating with Saudi academic institutions.

Dr Zialul Huq said it was appreciable that the entire nation was coming forth to establish a stable and ideal state. He urged the youth to play their role in achieving this goal.

Dr Feroz-ud-Din Shah said the best source of enlightenment that a Muslim had available was Quran and Sunnah and this seminar was organized to familiarize the youth with these sources.

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