SAU and PSF agreed to induct modern science curriculum in secondary education system


Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) have agreed that the modern science curriculum is indispensable in the secondary education system. The implementation of more advanced scientific knowledge in basic education will lead to the creation of the best scientists and experts in various fields.

Talking to experts during the visit of “Science-e-Talent Farming Lab Mobile Bus” by Pakistan Science Foundation, Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice-Chancellor, SAU said that special attention is being paid to education at the school level in the developed countries. ۔

Dr. Marri said that due to poor basic education system, students face many difficulties during higher education and in primary, secondary and higher secondary education, the curriculum related to physics, biology, computer as well as science, medical and engineering may be digitalized and will have to create and use modern study methods to increase the interest of students in basic level.

He suggested that parents, teachers and experts should play a role in guiding students towards positive use of mobile phones; he appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Science Foundation in attracting students towards science.

Khalid Hussain Soomro, Assistant Director, Pakistan Science Foundation and Incharge of Science Caravan Tandojam, said that school children are not only trained through lectures, scientific exhibitions and debates, but also given experiments.

“Through science caravan, we are educating students about the importance of science at their schools,” he said.

He said that PSF strives that students should have basic knowledge of science and Sindh Agriculture University is cooperating with us in this regard. Experts of SAU and PSF officials were also present on the occasion.

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