Two scholars of different departments of the Faculty of Crop Protection have been approved for their PhD degree, after completing research on the disease in Tomato and Sugarcane and its strategies for its control,

Mr Gulbhar Sipio a scholar of Department of Plant Pathology conduct his PhD research on “Investigations on Fusarum wilt of Tomato caused by Fusarium oxysporum at their management”, and Bina Khanzada, a scholar of the Department of Entomology of the same faculty, conducted her PhD research on “Potential of the parasitoid, Cotesia flavipes for population management of stem borer in Sugarcane”,  in the light of research work  by both scholars the Board of Advanced Studies recommended for awarding PhD degree, both scholars handed over copies of their dissertation to Vice-Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri said that basic research conducted in universities would benefit the common farmer and agriculture; therefore scholars should ensure that the benefits of this research reach the farmers during their careers.

Supervisors of both the scholars and related experts including faculty dean Dr. Jan Muhammad Marri, Dr. Allah Wadhayo Gandahi, Dr. Mubeen Lodhi, Dr. Imtiaz Nizamani, Dr. Manzoor Abro, Dr. Imran Khatri, Dr. Bhai Khan Solangi, Dr. Irfan Gilal. Dr. Ibrahim Khaskheli and others were also present.

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