The Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam has become the first “Smart Campus” in the province with the support of the Higher Education Commission as the entire campus has been connected to the Internet.

The System was inaugurated by Tanzila Umi Habiba, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Information Science and Technology, Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor SAU and Mr Nazaeer Hussain, Director General Higher Education Commission at IT new Building.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, said that it was an honor for the Sindh Agriculture University to become the first “Smart Campus” of Sindh Province, “7000 users affiliated with teachers, researchers and administration will be connected to the smart campus” He added.

Dr Marri said that records of university admissions, examinations and administration would be digitized, thus classrooms, libraries, seminars and conferences would also be connected to the Internet and the university would be connected to national and international academic and research institutions. As well as, the world’s modern science curriculum will be easily accessible to students, while the textbooks approved for the university are being scanned and uploaded on their website.

He said that various universities of the country including Sindh Agricultural University were facing financial difficulties; the Sindh Government should help the universities to overcome the deficit by releasing special grants and budgets to fulfill the best academic responsibilities in the universities of the province.

Tanzila Umi Habiba, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh for Information Science and Technology and Chairperson of Standing Committee of Universities and Boards Sindh, said that Sindh government was fulfilling its responsibilities for academic facilities in the universities of the province, It has been decided to give IT zone status to Karachi, Jamshoro and Sukkur to facilitate higher education institutions in the province, which will not only make the universities smarter but also benefit them in business activities.

“COVID-19 was a trouble on the one hand, and on the other, Covid encouraged us to understand and learn about the modern world for assembly sessions, conferences and online classes,” she added.

Ms Tanzila said that six universities of Sindh have been connected with IT, while the remaining six universities would be connected with free IT facility.

Addressing the event, Mr Nazir Hussain, Director General, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, said that modern educational environment is being provided to millions of students of 230 private and public universities of the country and their affiliated campuses and colleges, he said that the research and education system has been developed through information technology to connect the students of the national and international universities for academic links, while the Smart University Program, Pakistan Agricultural Research Network and other programs have been started.

Dr. Aijaz Ali Khoharo, Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Social Sciences and Mr Suhrab Thahim, In-Charge of Smart Campus of the University said that with 10Gps Wi-Fi systems SAU become the first university of Pakistan and 120 surveillance cameras are being installed in the university under the SAFE Campus project, as well as local data center will also be set up in the university.

A large number of deans, professors, teachers and students from different faculties were also present on the occasion.

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