SAU holds seminar on Peace and Development through Science


Agricultural and Academic experts have called for improving the country’s development, food security and law and order situation and for giving more importance to modern scientific policies and experiments in national institutions.

Seminar on “Peace and Development through Science” organized by Students-Teachers Engagement Program (STEP) at Sindh Agriculture University on the occasion of World Science Day on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri said that science is the cause for the development of all the developed countries of the world, therefore development in agriculture, medical, information technology and other fields will make the country prosperous and reduce poverty.

He said that research is being done in different fields in the country but with the interest of youth in science, the country can get out of various crises.

Flight Lieutenant (R) Syed Mussarat Shah, head of the National Program for Students of Pakistan (SoP) said there are many concerns about food security in the country, if research is not taken into interest, there will be buildings but people will not have anything to eat, students should not only think about passing exams but also focus on research and experiments.

She said that China has three hours of theory and nine hours for experiments, therefore China has become an example for science in the whole world. Short training programs will be conducted in Lahore and London for students of Sindh,

Surhan Aijaz Abro, Assistant Commissioner, Hyderabad Rural said that today’s youth have more responsibilities than ever before, children should be accustomed to science and research rather than games or entertainment through mobile or other means, she said students who are interested in new inventions and science can do better for the country and the people.

Ms Zahida Detho, Head, SRPO, said that students graduating from Sindh Agriculture University can change the social life of the people of their area, she said that there is a serious problem of education especially in Sindh including food and malnutrition.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Director, University Advancement and Financial Assistance, said that good governance in government and political affairs, equitable distribution of water, better use of resources and prevention of corruption would improve law and order and positive dialogue on research and issues will help in scientific development, therefore institutions should adopt new and modern scientific policies.

Advocate Saima Abro, Muhammad Wasif Panhwar, Dur-e-shahwar Veesar and others addressed the seminar.

Dr. Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Chairman STEP, Miss Nabila, Director Student Affairs Dr. Abdul Wahid and others also present on the occasion. Prayers were also offered for forgiveness Shaukat Hussain Shoro writer during seminar.

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