SAU hosts training on ‘Peace, Tolerance and Inclusivity’


A one day training on, “Peace, Tolerance and Inclusivity” organized by Peace Society of Students Teachers Engagement Program (STEP) of Sindh Agriculture University (SAU), in collaboration with Peace Advocacy & Community Engagement through Transformation for Tolerance (PACT) project of Shaoor Foundation for Education and awareness (SFEA) under the supervision of Peace Club and Kamyab Jawan Markaz.

Dr Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dean Faculty of Agricultural Social Sciences-SAU, while addressing certificate awarding ceremony, has said that the nations of developed countries have adopted civilization and tolerance for their development. The result of intolerance is nothing but destruction. From homes to the high powers, intolerance has increased to a dangerous extent in our society.

Dr Khooharo said that it is extreme of intolerance that even though we don’t know each other, we quarrel on social media based on petty ego, and spread hatred to millions of people in seconds through social media, and not afraid of its negative effects, while political activists have made social media a political arena instead of using it for development, which has created a civil war-like situation in the society.

Dr Khooharo said that people of different schools of thought are fighting each other all over the country, and hundreds of incidents of intolerance and violence are witnessed daily on the streets, “these kinds of actions are the biggest obstacle in our economic, social, moral and development path,” he said.

He emphasized that for peace and order and peaceful life in the society, the culture of patience and tolerance has to be promoted, while Political, social, religious and intellectual leaders should teach people good morals and patience while teachers should teach morals to students and make them believe that the society cannot afford any kind of mischief and riots.

Focal person Dr Jam Ghulam Murtaza Sahito said that more than 30 male and female students participated in this training, in which they were trained about the responsibilities of tolerance, establishing peace and order and giving importance to each other in the society, so that they can go to the practical field and able to instill a sense of responsibility and tolerance in others.

Mr Musavir Anwar Rustmani and others have delivered their lectures during training session, on this occasion Dean Dr Aijaz Ali Khooharo distributed certificates of appreciation among the participants.

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