SAU starts research on Sericulture

SAU starts research on Sericulture

SAU starts research on Sericulture

Sindh Agriculture University has started research on Sericulture, and in this regard, a seminar was organized at the Faculty of Crop Protection, where participants were informed about the project and raising of silkworms and Japanese and Chinese Mulberry plants.

Participants were told that 6 faculty experts would research the environment and food required for silkworms. In this regard, a well-equipped research lab has been set up at FCPT.

Addressing the seminar, Dr. Jan Mohammad Marri, Pro-Vice Chancellor, SAU Sub Campus Umerkot, said that silkworms of Japanese and Chinese breeds have been included in the experiments in this project for which 6 scholars have been provided complete facilities in the Department laboratory.

He said that after successful experiments, women, in particular, would be trained on how to get silk from silkworms and how to grow them.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Arijo said that in the past more than 200 acres of the Mulberry nursery was available, but it slowly disappearing, adding that Cocoon production in Pakistan is very low, while the annual demand of the country for 750 metric tons of cocoon is met by imports from China, Iran, and Central Asian states.

Dr. Imran Khatri, Professor, Department of Entomology, said that 800 Japanese mulberry plants required for breeding silkworms have been planted. More than 500 saplings are being planted, in this regard, more saplings will be procured from Kashmir and China and cooperation will be sought from industrial organizations and NGOs for training and support of local women in this regard.

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