SAU to award honorary doctorate and lifetime achievement award to agricultural scientist


Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) pays homage to renowned agricultural scientist Karam Khan Kaleri announcing honorary PhD degree and a lifetime achievement award for the scientist.

A tribute ceremony was hosted by Student Teachers Engagement Program of SAU, the country’s leading agricultural scientist Karam Khan Kaleri has been lauded for his brilliant and exemplary inventions of various varieties including wheat and cotton, ceremony was presided by Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Muhammad Marri.

Dr. Ghulam Raza Bhatti, Vice Chancellor Sheikh Ayaz University Shikarpur, Progressive Farmer Mir Muhammad Khokhar, Niaz Ahmed Bodani and various personalities and experts were guest during the ceremony.

Addressing on the occasion, Dr. Fateh Marri, said that Karam Khan Kaleri had invented the most productive wheat crop in the history of Pakistan, which is being cultivated on millions of acres across the country, he said that there was a time when wheat had to be imported from abroad but Karam Khan Kaleri is a great scientist who has produced seeds of many varieties of wheat in the country, among these varieties are TD1 and TJ83.

The Vice Chancellor announced that Karam Khan Kaleri will be awarded an honorary degree of PhD, VC SAU awarded Karam Khan Kaleri the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Ghulam Raza Bhatti, Vice Chancellor, Sheikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur, said that Karam Khan Kaleri is a benefactor of the whole of Pakistan, including Sindh; he said that Karam Khan Kaleri has a huge role to play in developing excellent varieties of agricultural commodities in Pakistan, he is an asset of the country.

He said that there is no shortage of food in the country; instead, 30 to 40 percent of food is wasted in the country, which needs to be saved, he said that universities are providing trained manpower for industries.

Leading scientist and breeder of the country Karam Khan Kaleri said that the honor bestowed on me by the university cannot be forgotten.
“There is scope for further research on varieties in the country, If the government cooperates, I will be able to conduct more experiments on seeds and food for the country,” he said.

Progressive Farmer Mir Muhammad Khokhar said that developed countries always remember their heroes; he said that Sindh Agriculture University is paying homage to the great scientist of the country in his life which is a commendable process, and need to benefit from their experiences and abilities.

He said that these researches not only made the country self-sufficient in wheat but also increased the yield per acre for the farmers.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Dr. Shahnawaz Marri, Dr. Muharram Qambrani, Dr. Shabana Memon and others also addressed the event, Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri awarded Shields to Gul Sher Lochi and Mubeen Magsi for making a documentary on the life of Karam Khan Kaleri.

Deans Dr. Qamaruddin Chachar, Dr. Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dr. Ghiyasuddin Shah Rashdi, Dr. Naimatullah Leghari, Dr. Jan Muhammad Marri, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Arijo, Dr. Zia ul Hassan Shah, Dr. Aijaz Soomro, M Mithal Jiskani and large number of teachers, students, Farmers and experts were present.

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