The Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam has decided to establish the first-ever Agriculture Museum of the country, where all the agriculture-related equipment used for cultivation from ancient times till date, varieties of crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers, seeds, irrigation, poultry farming, fisheries and livestock-related and other things depicting the agrarian society will be collected and preserved as heritage, in this regard support will be sought from Sindh Government and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

A high-level meeting was held in the committee room, which was chaired by Dr Fateh Muhammad Marri, Vice-Chancellor SAU, Dr Nilofer Shaikh, known archeologist and former VC Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) Khairpur, Dr Bhai Khan Shar VC Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro University (SABSU) of Art, Design and Heritage Jamshoro, Dr Ishtaiq Ansari Advisor Sindh Heritage endowment fund, Dr Inayatullah Rajpar Dean Faculty of Crop Production, Prof Dr Imran Khatri, Dr Aijaz Soomro, Prof Ahmed Ali Tagar, Dr Mehmood Mughal Consultant to VC participated, during the meeting, Dr Mehmood Mughal gave his presentation regarding the museum.

The members were informed that the proposed museum is aimed not only to preserve such things but also to serve as a source of research for the scholars as well as to attract the domestic and foreign tourists, as the different phases of rural farming society and culture, rural music and instruments، agriculture dictionaries, and farming machinery and inventions will be highlighted here.

Speaking during the meeting Dr Fateh Marri, VC SAU, said that the museum preserved the history of agricultural society, culture, agricultural evolution, and agricultural heritage of the country including Sindh and the models and galleries will be established in museum, he said that many inventions have been made on agricultural science, research, self-stream and new commodities, yield per acre, animals, marine science.

Dr Nilofer Shaikh spoke on importance of establishing this museum, and said that since the beginning, peoples migrated to the food areas for their life survival, they made many journeys in search of water and food, “Sindh laid the foundation for agricultural civilization, preserving agricultural history and inventions by Sindh Agriculture University will be a great achievement.” She added.

Dr Bhai Khan Shar said that our SABSU will fully cooperate with SAU on the project; our experts will assist in art, models, interior designing of Agriculture Museum.

Dr Ishtiaq Ansari informed the meeting that Sindh government is currently working on establishing 40 museums in the province. Dr Mehmood Mughal identified an old Central Library building for setting up a museum, as it has seven big sections.

Dr Aijaz Soomro and Dr Imran Khatri suggested that graphic and animation films for agricultural history should also be shown in the form of a big screen and model in the museum so that the students can understand ancient and modern agricultural history. Later, the participants visited the old Central Library building.

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