SBAC-KU organizes symbolic hunger strike

SBAC-KU organizes symbolic hunger strike

SBAC-KU organizes symbolic hunger strike

A symbolic hunger strike camp organized by the Selection Board Action Committee of Karachi University members continued for the 2nd day on campus.

The committee members Dr. Sadaf Fatima, Dr. Shadab Ahmed, Dr. Farhat Hussain, Dr. Imran Ahmed, and Dr. Faiz Mohammad were sitting at the hunger strike camp. They believed their protest would continue until the varsity administration conducts the 2019 selection boards.

The teachers had started their symbolic hunger strike on September 6 which continued for the second consecutive day. It was the first time in the last two decades that the teachers have gone on hunger strike to press for their demands.

Today a large number of teachers came to the hunger strike camp from 11 to 2 pm to express their solidarity. These included teachers from Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Marine Biology, Botany, Biotechnology, Halophyte, Statistics, Psychology, Political Science, Women Studies, Education, Sindhi, Sociology, Library Information Sciences, History, Space Sciences, Computer Sciences, Physics amongst many others.

At the hunger strike camp, the representative of Karachi University Temporary Teachers Society, Shah Fahad, said that the contractual teachers are also applicants to the 2019 advertisement and await selection boards, and due to the unnecessary delay in selection boards, they have been facing numerous problems including low wages and late payments.

Dr. Zeeshan Iqbal, Assistant Professor at Physics, warned the administration that this movement would not stop until a schedule for selection boards for the 2019 advert is announced. Later, the committee’s representatives joined the general meeting of teachers and employees called by KUTS. At the end of the meeting, scores of teachers and employees marched from Arts Auditorium and came to the hunger strike camp to express their solidarity.

Dr. Sammar Sultana, a professor at the Political Science Department, said that hunger strikers’ exuberance and determination are remarkable. Dr. Shah Ali ul Qadr, President of KUTS expressed full support to the committee and said that teachers will not allow any further delay in Selection Boards.

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