SBU organizes a rally to raise awareness about books


A rally titled “Book is the Best Friend” was organized under the auspices of Sindhi Department of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad. The walk started from the Department of Sindhi to the Central Library with the participation of a large number of teachers and students.

The students who participated in the rally expressed their friendship with the book “Shah Jo Risalo” written by the great Sufi poet of Sindh. Expressing his views on the occasion Dr. Syed Amir Ali Shah, head of the Department of Sindhi, said that today’s young generation seems to be deviating from book-friendliness which has many reasons. But the lack of public libraries and standard books causes lack of research too.

In the recent past, book fairs would be held in universities, but unfortunately the series was also cut off, which has led to a sharp decline in book-friendliness, he said, adding that there was a time when the elders would brought together the children telling them instructive stories. This tradition would develop social consciousness, ability to think and mentality of children. They would take interest in reading and the process of learning from those stories when the children stepped into practical life.

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