The Inquiry Committee of the Scarsdale International School (SISLahore’s incident has recommended cancellation of school’s registration and a fine of Rs 600,000 for misconduct in school management.

The committee also recommended to expel all the students involved in the incident. The committee has presented its report before Deputy Commissioner Lahore Muhammad Ali who will decide the fate of school on Thursday, January 25 at 11:00 am.

The inquiry report’s findings further revealed that the incident took place in the cafetaria of the school after the students shared the pictures of student party with parents. The report also found out that the incident took place outside school premises. The officer also wrote in the report to expel the students who were involved in the torturing their fellow.

The inquiry officer has also made it clear in the findings that there was lack of discipline in school, no CCTV were installed at the entrance of cafeteria which led to the incident. The report also recommended to cancel registration of school along with the fine of Rs 600,000.

The inquiry committee members include DO Elementary Schools Female, Deputy DO Cantt and Deputy DO Model Town. COO Education Lahore has presented his report to DC Lahore after compilation.

It is pertinent to mention here that Academia Magazine also published an investigative report about the incident and had revealed earlier all the facts which are now part of inquiry report.

The incident of attack on the victim named Aleha Imran by her classmates including Jannat Malik, Kainat Malik and Noor Rehman was held on Monday, January 16. The video of the incident went viral on Thursday, January 19, however, the father of the victim Aleha Imran, Imran Younus filed an FIR in Police Station Defence A on Friday, January 20.

As per reliable information revealed by sources, both students Aleha Imran and Kainat Malik were close friends and studying at school since Kindergarten. Both of them shared videos of drug use with each other’s fathers. Sources also revealed that the drug use videos were shot at a private party outside the school campus. Jannat Malik along with her sister Kainat Malik and friends grabbed Aleha under the stairs near the cafeteria of the school where the CCTV cameras weren’t installed. After taking her to the place the students attacked Aleha and tortured her brutally.

However, the FIR filed by the father of Aleha Imran claimed that students Jannat and Kainat were members of a gang who used to sell drugs to students at the school campus. He also blamed the school administration for allowing students to use drugs on campus and not taking serious actions against culprits Jannat and Kainat as they belong to a strong political family.

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